Rebooting and Centralizing

Mercury Talks

Well, here we are… Welcome to my new site and thanks for stopping by to check this thing out. I’ve been planning to start this site for quite some time but “life” always get in the way of my plans. Finally, with the recent changes in Social Media sites such as Tumblr and Flickr, I have decided to take charge and truly be in control of what I want to show and share with you guys.

The idea of this site is for me to have a centralized and somewhat organized area where I can keep and share my interests; which range from the very geeky and innocent such as Art and Technology, to the very “NSFW” stuff like nudity and sexual fetishes (yup, I’m a kinky bastard).

About me, I can tell you that I was born and grew up in El Salvador. I moved to Canada when I was 21, in 1990 – that makes me 49, at the time of my writing this post. Professionally, I am a graphic and web designer. Personally, I’m a gay man who loves sex and masturbation.

Due to my eclectic array of interests, and my vision of this site, you will find a mix of posts and reposts. I’m definitely not trying to invent the wheel here. This is mostly a place for me to share stuff I find interesting, with the occasional post with my thoughts and or opinion on certain subjects.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you’ll stay a while and explore and, most importantly, come back often to see what new stuff I’m sharing here.