I’m Into Dudes’ Feet

Mercury Talks

Oh yeah… I have a foot fetish and I love it. This is kind of funny because if you’d asked me about this interest of mine about 5 years ago, I probably would have denied it; even though it’s something that [apparently] becomes rather obvious to others fairly shortly after they meet me. Nowadays, however, I admit it – and even divulge it – quite readily and proudly: I like men’s feet! I love them!

Come to think about it, having a foot fetish or simply admiring feet (in my case, men’s), is nothing to be scandalized, or even concerned about. Feet are an integral, extremely useful, and – might I add, beautiful – part of the human body. So it happens that human feet have taken a few set backs along the way through modern history – especially after the 2nd half of the 20th Century – mainly, and sadly, because modern society’s obsession with over protecting (and over-damaging) our feet in the name of fashion, dress-codes and ill-informed health practices.

In my case, I can tell you I’ve been interested in men’s feet for as long as I can remember. I remember feeling fascinated by men’s feet way back, as early as when I was 6 years old or so. More so, I have always been excited at the sight of barefooted men – especially in odd or unusual situations such as city streets, places of work, formal occasions etc. For instance, one of my fondest memories as a little kid was when my dad used to take me to visit a close friend of his, who owned a clothing factory. This guy happened to be a bearish, stocky man (the type of man I particularly find attractive) and we usually found him walking around his office with no shoes, in socked feet. Even at that tender age of 7 or so, I remember getting an adrenaline rush through my little body while I admired and fixated on this “bear” teasing me with his socked, wide, manly dawgs!

A bit later on in my childhood, someone else who drove me nuts with his feet was my grade 3 and 4 teacher: Mr. Mendoza. Another bearish, Latin stud who was a very sweet and caring, yet masculine, man. This guy, used to wear brown loafers and dark dress socks all the time and used to have the habit of sliding them off every chance he had, usually when sitting at his desk at the front of the classroom. He used to drive me completely insane! Lo and behold, I started following his example very quickly. To the day, I find it very hard to keep my shoes on whenever I am sitting down – love kicking them off…

From there, my foot fetish has developed and evolved into the great pleasure I enjoy nowadays. As a consequence of this interest, not only have I learnt to appreciate beautiful, healthy and manly looking feet (and their respective owners), but I have also learnt to appreciate and love the size 12’s at the end of my own legs!

Through my foot interest I have learnt many interesting and good things, including that the best thing anyone can do to help and promote their own foot health is to spend as much time as possible out of their shoes – yup, being barefoot is the best thing anyone can do for his or her feet’s (and arguably the rest of their body’s) health. Check these links for more info: Barefooting and Health Benefits